Tips to Keep Ticks Off Your Property

Do not assume that ticks hide out in wooded areas and not at your house. That is the wrong way to think because ticks will live anywhere there is tall grass. So, your lawn may very well be the perfect hiding place for them if there are a lot of thick bushes, shrubbery, and trees.

If you want to keep ticks away, which you obviously do, the following tips are a few that can get you on the right track. Use them to stay safe and tick free all summer long.

Trim It

If you keep trees, shrubs, grass, etc. neatly trimmed, it eliminates hiding places for ticks so they’ll travel onward. It will also keep the property looking its very best, so you get a couple of benefits in one.

Use Protection

Bug spray protection, that is. Citronella is one of the scents that ticks hate. They’re also very displeased with the smell of garlic. Use either of these items to keep ticks off your property and away from you while outdoors.

Get Chickens

Did you know that chickens eat ticks? So, if you want to get a couple and a chicken coup you have a year-round tick-eater, no call to anyone else is necessary.

Call a Professional

Professional tick control in Menomonee Falls keeps this pest away from your property and threats out of your mind. Prices vary but it’s a reasonable amount to garner the satisfaction that treatment provides to everyone in the house.

Final Word

tick control in Menomonee Falls

Ticks can be a nuisance but you can fight back and stop them in their tracks. The above tips are among many ways to keep ticks at bay and enjoy your summer to the fullest. Use this information to your advantage.